Stranger Things: Weirdest Online Gambling Games You Can Try

Stranger Things Weirdest Online Gambling Games You Can Try

The online casino will not be fun-filled without a touch of weirdness. You know, weird doesn't have to be a negative thing. It is fun to play and gives a new vibe and different gameplay to you.

Let us spice things up, go into a lighter mood of the online casino environment. With many varied and exciting themes of online casino games, some game developers have come up with games belonging to the ‘why'd they do that?' category.

Listed are the weirdest and unusual games to crack up some laughs or maybe try them out if you wish. Weird is not that bad!

1. The Chicken Challenge

If you're a champ on tic-tac-toe, you will enjoy playing games against a chicken named Ginger. It is based on Atlantic City and has the Tropicana Hotel and Casino set. The game will revolve on players betting and waiting for Ginger, yes, the chicken, to peck around its pens until it docks on one of the betting varieties. Well, if you don't want Ginger the chicken, you can be select from other pets like dogs or cats. Isn't it fun?

2. Rodent Roulette

This is a game to play for players who are not afraid of rats, mice, or gerbils. Rodent Roulette starts with a rodent placed in boxes within the roulette wheels.    The critter will eventually hide among the holes or boxes of the roulette. The winner of the game is whoever's number in on the box where the rodent hid. Rodents placed in roulette wheels are quite weird, but Rodent Roulette made it look fun.

3. Belgian Birdsong

The concept of this game is quite simple. You will have to place your bet on who you think will sing the longest and loudest among the group of birds caged individually.  It is perfect for casino party games. What more can make an online casino game fun other than having birds singing as your luck test?

Online casino is even better and exciting when playing with unusual games. It is not that you often get to play casino games with chicken, rodents, or birds singing decide on your luck. Playing weird games from time to time can help you avoid being addicted to online gambling. It is an excellent reminder that gambling games are for your leisure and not a stressor.

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